Now we have fully descended into winter, the temperature is plummeting below zero on some evenings.

It isn’t only us that are feeling this breathtaking cold snap but our pets are too.

Sadly 2 lovely turtles were abandoned outside of a fast food restaurant close to my work and as you can imagine, when they were admitted to the hospital they were extremely cold and in poor condition.

Unfortunately due to the condition of one of the abandoned turtles, we were unable to save him.

But thankfully, due to a quick rescue and immediate hospitalisation and supportive care the remaining turtle has a fighting chance.

Sometimes people end up in very desperate situations and are no longer able to care for their animals. Although this is very sad and it is a heartbreaking decision to give up your pet, abandoning them can be extremely traumatic and may have a very serious effect on their health, safety and welfare.  The RSPCA have estimated that this winter 19,000 neglected animals will come into their care.

I strongly urge people that are no longer in a situation where they are able to care for their pets, to please consider seeking help and advice from your local rescue centres, charities and veterinary surgeries. They will be able to advise you on the best way to go about rehoming your pet, ensuring they are safe and get the treatment they deserve.

It is important to remember that we not only have a moral obligation to our pets but also a legal obligation. Animal Welfare Act 2006

Even Bear is rehoming abandoned sussex elephants!

Don’t forget to check your pets are warm enough during these icy evenings.

Before hibernation, ensure your pet is healthy and seek advice on hibernating your tortoise safely.

Beware of ANTIFREEZE. Antifreeze is TOXIC to cats and dogs and is commonly ingested due to its sweet taste! Ensure any spillages are thoroughly cleaned and products are kept well out of reach of pets.

Make sure pets are dry and warm after being outdoors and consider keeping cats indoors overnight.

Avoid leaving dogs in cold cars.

Bring your small furries indoors and make sure they have plenty of insulation AND ventilation.

PDSA Season Advice

Useful links

Blue Cross rehoming advice

RSPCA advice and welfare

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Dogs Trust winter tips

Cats Protection




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